Before you Outline your Script

Well, I’ve read a lot of articles about this content, mainly because I’m in process of writing a Spec pilot. The first problem I’ve faced is: define, in the Outline, the structure of the acts. I’ve tried to develop a method to work better and just now I can share with you a simple tip:

Before you start writing your acts in an outline, you must “feed” the parts, and do it in a list. Create a list of events of your acts, mainly the Second Act. Write in this list all of the possible things inside of each act. Here you don’t need to be careful, be free! Only write scenes, scenes and more scenes. Your mind will travel, likewise you’ll write a lot of bullshit, you’ll write the “gold” of your story. Cut off the bullshit and keep up the gold.

After that, you may start writing your Outline so much better, I mean, without problems with white pages.



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