Straight to the Point

I decided to write this up as a reader. I’ve read many scripts and the most of them didn’t capture my attention. When I start to read this kind of screenplays, I don’t know what happens, it sounds boring… Stop, that’s the point: boring, don’t be boring.

We know, there’s a method to write up your screenplay, the Master Scenes, ok, it’s the basic rule, however you need of improvement in your words too.

A couple of months ago I went to a screenplay festival and I heard the words of an agent, Matt Leipzig, from the Original Artists. He told us about the work of an agent and all his experience in a script reading. I remember Matt said something like this: “a screenplay must be professional, and be able to taking me on a travel”. Well, it seems me a Dungeons Master’s enigma, however, he’s absolutely right.

Matt’s lecture

When you’re learning to write up a script, everybody says: “oh, don’t going to write a book; you need to go straight to the point, show the film!” That’s ok, I agree, it’s true, but, there’s a little of poetry and an intriguing writing into the good script (nobody says that), so I have to say – don’t be foolish, read up more screenplays and hear less out the bla, bla, bla. 

You’re a screenwriter, you have to write up 99% to people who don’t know how to write a script, it means: agents, executives, producers or common people (usually screenwriters send out their drafts to friends and they write back him/her – feedback), we’re talking about people who want to involve themselves with the story. What I’ve been seen about it can be defined in a few words: keep up your writing EASY, INTRIGUING and BEAUTIFUL.

Mr. Everybody and all his knowledge

My advice is read up the best screenplays to absorb this practice of writing. There are many bad screenplays, I mean, their stories can be amazing, but their writing is very poor, non-attractive (crazy paradox). It’s like when you’re hungry, you want to feed up yourself and your food arrives on your table, a pretty good looking, but you don’t feel any taste – someone forgot to put salt on it!

To end up, I want to share out a little part of a screenplay that I think attractive to a reader. Its reading was easy, intriguing and beautiful for me. Check it out:

“The Walking Dead” pilot

You can read up “The Walking Dead” pilot here: (

Original Artists site: (


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